Monday, October 16, 2017

Went down to Hell's Kitchen tonight as a birthday surprise for Peter Chaos––made hot love for hours! Look what he did to my dick!! He's so fucking huge!

Peter received the ominous Text Message from his friend, Cam.  "Head to Hardware.  Your gift will be waiting there."  Peter wasn't sure what waited for him, but his giant mass was making it difficult to maneuver the busy streets of NYC.  He loved all the stares he would get.  After all, it was advertising for his Company.  The new level of mass his guys grew to was proving to be quite successful and popular.  When guys grow mega sized dicks, they need mega sized muscles to carry all that weight around.

Peter shimmied and swayed to get his mass into the door.  It was no easy task given his size.  His "straight" buddy Chris was working behind the bar.  He smiled as he made his way from behind to greet Peter.  "Straight" was seeming less and less likely now that he had joined Peter's growth Program.  Now, the Money was flowing in by worshipers and Bar Patrons alike.  He walked up to Peter, climbed up his massive pecs and planted a kiss.  "Hey, babe!  I really have to Thank you again for growing me.  I have made in one week what I would normally make in a year.  I guess a lot of guys who like muscles and huge cocks have money because I am getting paid just to stand and let them do whatever they want.  Think I could grow a little bigger?  I don't even think I want it for them.  I just want to feel BIGGER!"

Peter replied, "In due time, Chris.  Get used to your size before you want to take the next step.  God, I thought you were cute when you were skinny.  You really have blown up into a beautiful hunk."

Chris blushed and kissed Peter again, "Thanks, Pete.  Your gift is in the back room."

Peter sauntered into the back room, which was very dimly lit.  He wasn't sure but he could see the outline of something extremely big in the dark.  Pete flicked on the light.  Before him, was his Prized Grower, his Pride and Joy of Growers, the incredibly handsome Chris Bonehead.  But...a bigger Chris.  A much, much bigger Chris.

"Surprise, Peter!" Bonehead said seductively.  His giant cock and balls rested on the floor as he sat.  He stood up, his balls still scraping the floor, but his huge cock stood up at attention.  "I know how much you wanted to see me bigger, so I had Cam work on me a bit." He lifted both his arms and flexed. "Like what you see?"  

Peter bit his lower lip and cooed.  It takes a lot to get him speechless.  That is, unless that "a lot" is Chris Bonehead getting even bigger.  Bonehead whispered into Peter's ear, "
My massive muscles are ready to envelop you, and my gigantic thick dick, well, I'll do anything to turn you on tonight––you're only 30 once, so I want to give it to you the way you like it best!" Peter worshiped the hunk before him. "Gonna do you all night, forget the job tomorrow, we're staying in bed!"

The two had a few drinks and started dancing in the main room.  The various patrons could only stare in awe at the two giga hunks practically making love on the dance floor.  "Straight Chris" couldnt even help himself and started jerking off right behind the bar.  They couldn't have had any better advertising since everyone was asking how they would look like that.

"Straight Chris" brought out a cake, a giant Penis cake.  After the normal song, Peter blew out his candles and smiled at Bonehead. 

They went back to Pete's custom built apartment where they had no sleep.  They made love like only two giga sized studs could make.  Thank goodness the apartment has custom built furniture and reinforced walls.  Thousands of pounds of muscle and cock make a lot of noise.  They laid in bed, cuddling post coitus. "So, I take it you're happy with your gift?" Bonehead said.  Peter just grabbed him by the face and kissed passionately.  He then grabbed Bonehead's cock, caressing it explaining, "What do you think?  You're going to start a new trend with our guys.  Looks like we can finally Make America Huge Again."

They worshiped each other for a only for Bonehead to stop and ask, "What did you wish for when you blew out your candles?"

Pete rubbed his hands up Bonehead's massive arms.  "You, baby.  You..."  Bonehead smiled. "Even BIGGER" Pete said deviously.   

Chris Bonehead said nothing, as his giant cock rose and got immediately hard, thinking of the Sex GOD he would become.